About us

BA Vault Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to Latin American art, including graffiti and street art. Founded in 2015 by Matt Fox-Tucker (gallery director), BA Vault Gallery has already showcased an extensive range of artworks by some of the best street artists from Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Argentina.

In fact, the idea of the gallery is to also support the local street art scene and proceeds from shows and sales of paintings go to supporting the artists themselves. The gallery is always looking for fresh new, talent and the venue itself is an ideal, exhibition space for both emerging and well-known artists. As well as dealing with commissions to paint canvases and artworks, BA Vault Gallery also offers smaller artworks for sale including prints and drawings that are affordable to street art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

BA Vault Gallery is located on the lower floor of NYC Cafe at Nicaragua 6002 and corner of Arévalo in Palermo Hollywood.

Hours: Open by appointment only.

For general enquiries, please contact us at: info@bavaultgallery.com

For enquiries regarding available artworks and commissions, please contact us at: sales@bavaultgallery.com

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